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Case Studies and White Papers

Air-Pro Associates, Inc. will post case studies and white papers in this section to highlight the performance, range, and flexibility of the products and the manufacturers we represent.

The most recent Case Studies and White Papers are linked below. For more, see the Case Study & White Papers Archive.

Woods Smoke Exhaust Fans - Woods axial-flow fans spend their working lives moving air in the various duct systems in modern structures. In the event of fire, they can deliver smoke-controlling performance that saves lives.

Renovation of an Induction System with Active Chilled Beams - Dadanco recommended a ceiling-mounted active chilled beam solution for the newly renovated building at 250 S. Wacker in Chicago.

White PaperDemand Based Static Pressure Reset Control for Laboratories
This white paper shows the advantages of Demand Based Static Pressure Reset Control for use in laboratories and how it can reduce the system static pressure at which the mechanical systems operate, thus reducing the operating costs and lowering the carbon footprint of the building.

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